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The Mega Coop

This is the largest coop thus far. This coop is a 8' x 27' unit . Starting with a 8x12 coop and a 8x15 roofed run then the last 4' of run is flat hardware cloth . Add on are as follows : PVC floors, internal nesting boxes, removable ramp, window security and window in run , electrical kit , outside light ,clean out door, divider inside , perches inside and in run, and keyed alike locks .  

12' x 16' Chicken Duck Combo House

This  coop has best of both worlds . left side is for chickens right side is for ducks . Unit includes lifeproof flooring, skylight ridge cap, power chicken and duck doors , separate entrances, removable ramps, ondura roofing, nesting boxes on chicken side, divider in middle, windows, flower boxes and custom sign.  

8' x 8' Chicken Doll House

This 8' x 8' Doll House has it all .  This unit has finished in side, dormers, separate area for owner, internal nesting boxes, Ondura roofing, flower boxes, detailed trim, electrical inside and out, chandelier, Dutch door on front, side entry door, deck  with railing, security screen on windows, and a removable ramp.  

8 X 8 Chicken coop 

This 8 X 8 chicken coop, has many extras as you can see in the photos .  We designed this unit to fit this customers needs and location. This finished unit has a epoxy floor, battery powered chicken door, electrical outlets and lights, a vented cupola,  weather vain, internal nesting boxes , and a attached run. 

4 x 6 Chicken Coop  

Standard 4x6 walk in chicken coop . Available in any colors for main unit and trim(standard is white trim ). Roof colors are available.

4 nesting boxes (approx. 12 to 16 birds), 2 perches ,and all doors are keyed alike . Ondura roofing with built in vents. Optional addons are available as seen in some of the photos below.

4 x 4 Chicken Coop 

This is our 4x4 walk-in chicken coop. Available in any color for main unit and trim. Roof colors are available just limited colors. 

Two nesting boxes(approx. 6 to 8 birds) ,keyed alike doors, fully functional window and 2 perches. Ondura roofing with built in vents. *

This is a 4x4 walking unit as seen in our blue one above . This one is a mobile unit with a tow bar for your garden tractor .  

Includes flat free tires  and your choice of unit colors . 

Short 4' x 4' chicken coop

This is the 4' x 4' non walk in version of our walk in 4' x 4' unit . Still built the same just shorter.  

Stock unit includes: two nesting boxes, two 4' perches, removable ramp, Ondura roofing, keyed alike locks on all doors, PVC trim, functional window and built in vents 

5 x 5 Chicken Coop 

5 x 5 walk-in chicken coop . Available in any color for main unit and trim( standard is white ) . Roof colors are available just limited colors. (Grey unit shown with optional powered chicken door)

Three nesting boxes(approx. 9 to 12 birds) ,keyed alike doors, fully functional window as well as 2 perches . Ondura roofing with built in vents. This unit is shown with optional built on run and trim painted . 


4 x 3 Chicken Coop 

4 x 3 chicken coop non walk-in. Available in any color for main unit. Roof colors are available.

Two nesting boxes (approx. 6 to 8 birds) ,keyed alike doors ,window, and one perch. Ondura roofing with built in vents.

3 x 3 Chicken Coop

This is a small version of our 4 x 4 unit  . This is a 3 x 3  standing in at 65". Shown in Behr 100mph red with white trim 

One nesting boxes(approx. 3 to 4 birds) ,keyed alike doors, fully functional window as well as 1 perche . Ondura roofing with built in vents. 

4 x 2 with nesting box. This is a extra small coop for those just starting or if you just have a few birds . Its small size will easily fit in any small backyard . Available in any color for main unit. Roof colors are available.  

One nesting boxes(approx. 2 to 4 birds) ,keyed alike doors ,window, and one perch. Ondura roofing with built in vents. Shown with optional trim painted .

4 x 2 Chicken Coop  

Continuing on with the tiny chicken house movement  . These are rooster houses .

Both include front chicken doors, a larger clean out door in back, a perch,  and side vents . White one shown a additional vent/window . Yellow shown with optional round window

A run can be a great way to add a safe area for your flock .  Runs can be added to your current chicken coop or a new one in many different configurations to fit your needs and wants. This 5 x 5 coop with 5 x 5 run just received a additional 5 x 8 run giving them a additional 40 sq ft of space. This was added a year after coop was installed.   

This 4 x 6 chicken coop just received a additional 4 x 6 run for 24 sq ft of space also year after coop was installed .  So give us a call or message us to see what options are available for your coop.  

Run types and options 

Peaked roof runs can be added to any of our units sizes are built to your needs . On larger units roof line can match . 

Next is the slant roof option in either clear or colored roofing . 

Or the flat hardware cloth roof finished in same material as the sides .  All are finished in color of your choice with locking door . 

Standard Floor

This is the standard floor finish included with all units . Floor is finished with a Behr DECKOVER . 

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PVC / Glass board

This is extremely durable option for the floor in white. Easy to clean . However the most expensive of the floor options. price based on size of unit.  

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Ondura roof colors 

These are the roof colors that are available. Red ,Brown , green and Black are in stock . 


This is our electrical kit : one vapor light on a switch , one outlet always on for your accessory's, and a 6' whip for plugging in to your power source** .    

Optional out side light is available as well in your choice of style . this kit is a add on to the electrical kit . Includes out side light on own switch mounted inside. 

*Larger clean out door placement is standard to right of nesting box . We can customize to fit your needs.

** All electrical kits need to be plugged in to proper rated extension cord and GFI outside outlet.